• El Kilo 26 Cairo - Balbase Desert Road, Beside Co-Op Gas Station.

PMICO has expanded its capabilities on year 2021 and achieved a big breakthrough in the designing and fabrication of different mechanical systems that supports the civil activities and building required infrastructure for Egypt Monorail Project.

PMICO delivered an end-to-end service of designing support, fabrication and installation of agreed mechanical systems through its designing and R&D teams as following:

  • Fabricate Grating for Greater Cairo Metro Line 3 Phase 4B (DEPOT).
  • Installation of 800 m length in difference portions at main maintenance workshop of ADLY MANSOUR station.
  • Fabricate complete lifting sets to align monorail beams
  • Fabricate heavy beams lifters which capable of lifting up to 60 tons.


PMICO now has strong knowledge and best practices for monorail mechanical systems required for building infrastructure and civil activities in similar projects.

Lifting Plan Report Generator

As PMICO is delivering complete service a part of the project was to deliver an online system that can help decision makers and engineers on site to manage the lifting process and generate on spot reports for the lifting plan.

System features as following:

  • Storing all project cranes data with their manuals.
  • Rigging plan visual tool that allows user to decide Cranes placements and Truck exact placement with instant visualization for the process.
  • Perform all needed calculations automatically by entering few values.
  • Storing all accessories reports and certifications.
  • Generate a report for the full lifting plan.
  • System availability on the cloud for both computer and mobile access.