• El Kilo 26 Cairo - Balbase Desert Road, Beside Co-Op Gas Station.

PMICO offer a wide variety of machining and fabrication services. We are equipped with a full-service machine shop located in Port Said Street, Cairo, Egypt where latest machines are available with high certified standards.

Our machinists have the experience to manufacture any machines parts to the required tolerance in an efficient time frame.

We do whatever needed for the job to be delivered, we can work directly from CAD drawings or start from sketches or samples and complete the rest of steps through our engineering division.

Our orders can be vary from prototypes to large volume.

Milling and turning machines, CNC machines, 3D printers are all utilized to manufacture needed parts as expectations.

On a 10000 m² yard and with 6 overhead cranes 10 ton each, PMICO is capable to meet your delivery requirement for steel fabricated products in Obour city where large structures and heavy steel fabrications are being done.


CNC Sheet Metal Machine Specs